The Hanlon-Lees Action Theater first crossed lances jousting on horseback in 1979, and have never stopped. For over two decades, they have performed throughout the United States at many Renaissance Faires and other public events. The spectacle of their live 14th Century Joust, ablaze with color and speed, has been applauded by hundreds of thousands over the years. Costumed steeds, authentic weaponry, and noble knights in shining armor highlight the action and romance of the period.

Our standard show consists of three different acts featuring mounted knights, a Master of Arms (an announcer) and several squires.

The King has called forth the best knights throughout the kingdom to perform their skills for his people on this festival day. The knights enter, perform a precision flag formation, are introduced to one and all, and then begin a competition to see which knight is the most skillful. They tilt at the quintain, compete in a ring joust, and try to best each other in an obstacle race between the "good" and "bad" knights. Before blood is shed, the King commands that they return later for a competition of arms to see who is the best warrior...

The knights battle on both ground (with a variety of hand weapons, including swords, flails, battle-axes, and spears) and horseback (using the traditional lance) to see who will be the King's Champion. During the last event - a competitive joust for points - the "evil" knight often uses treachery to win, and then tries to kill the "heroic" knight. The resulting enmity between the knights results in a challenge: a Joust to the Death!

A faithful 14th century Royal joust. Beginning with a historical ceremony, the knights test the field to see if it is fit for mortal combat. The knights are then introduced; seek favors from ladies in waiting; perform an arming ceremony; and then receive a final blessing (from the King, Queen, or presiding religious figure). They joust on horseback and, if unhorsed, continue the battle on foot until one or all lie dead. The champion receives his just reward (the fair damsel, gold, weaponry, etc.) and exits.

Each act typically runs from 20 to 25 minutes. Themes and pricing vary in accordance with the size of the event, in terms of number of knights (2 man, 3 man, or 4 man jousts) and the number of shows per day. Got a question? Contact us!
To see some photos from past presentations, be sure to visit our Photo Gallery!